aboqe Text Flip

Aboqe Flip, a cool text tool to flip or turn your text upside down 180° sıɥʇ ǝʞıן or vice versa. We are pleased to introduce this generator are some special, even it's not so unique, We found some text flippers that could only turn text into small upside letters and advanced it. Our powerful aboqe can turn several up-case letters upside down, aswell as all the lowcase ones.

Special use case: create one for your secured password, right now we all see that there is some stupid and too simple password, we are still wired in configure how to setup a password, so why not try our flip tool. good idea, isnt it? leverage this method, you can setup some very strong password with this tool and cool text generators.

Bookmarklet available

ɐ Bookmarklet saving and using demonstation use it with 2 manners:
1. When you are emailing a honey email to him/her, just click the ɐ text symbol chart in chrome, firefox/IE in the bookmark tab, we pop up a contracted UI for you.
2. even sweet: in any web page, select some text (not from writing field), and click ɐ on bookmark tab, it will automatically generate the text into ɐ style.

other use case: this tool works by replacing characters of your message with their upside down pairs. And It can also flip the text back from it's upside down version to the normal one. Utilize this tool, you, for example, can hide answers to riddles and questions. See the example at the left side

Q: ᴡʜᴀᴛ's ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴛɪᴀʟ ᴄɪᴛʏ ᴏғ Cʜɪɴᴀ
A: ıʇ,s qǝıɾıuƃ
A: ƃuıɾıǝq s,ʇı (nun Reverse)

Enhanced tool

Former tool(try nice may have some additonal new)

↺ 180°

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In some similar site, they call it Restyle your text. Actually, we may see this often in microsoft office world document, if you are a professional office lady or office guy :). you will see your boss made a delete or editing sign in the text, it's so professional and useful as in coordination. however now we can made it cool in social chatting, in facebook, line, wechat's reply, status and comment.

Encool your words

These kinds text generators help you generate word, sentence with lots of special text, symbols. eg, if you say: hello world, then we will replaced the e with ᙓ, o with ᗢ. so you will see: ᖺᙓᒪᒪᗢ ᗯᗢᖇᒪᖱ. that's it, Wavy text generator. we have lots of this tools.

Enlarge Text, Zomm in text to big without Font Size code/editor

In some similar site, they call it Artify style, Artify your text. Enlarget Text tool actually is a Text Art tool, it's actually a text image/picture logical. It means, we use lots of normal text, symbols to combine out an new word or text. Our text engine will turn text character you type into text field, they are made of whole blocks background and special symbols.

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Tiny Type? Have you got a tool for that?
Did you mean typing small capital letters?
I looked but could not find the symbol called "Triskelion" - sometimes called Triskele. Are you aware if it is available?
We searched the web and Wikipedia for it. Seems, it's not yet implemented into encodings. Sorry.
I Can't find how to flip text.. What to do so I can do it on Facebook?
Hey, You can't do it on Facebook, but you can do it here. You should enter the message in left input field, copy the result from right one and paste it on Facebook. Done.
Do you have a tool to make messages more like this: σρєη υρ му єαgєя єуєѕ. . . ¢αυѕє ι'м мя. вяιgнтѕι∂є, instead of this: Ớρℯᾔ υρ μγ ℯ@ℊℯя ℮¥℮ṥ▣▪▪ ¢αüṥ℮ Ї'μ ℳя▣ ℬяїℊнтṧḯḋℯ
Yes, We've upgraded our Encool tool - generate cool text with symbols for Russian language lovers.
How do I do a birthday cake?
Hi, You can find it here in Text Art for Facebook and then copy-paste.
You're amazing! Wonderful to find such a comprehensive collection of Facebook symbols in one place. Many thanks from Australia!
Is there a way to like make it so when you type any letters on your keyboard instead of letters it is all like symbols and stuff?
Maybe you are talking about Encool tool - generate cool text with symbols...
Dont have any cool symbol for handphone?
Nope. Only for stationary phone. ✆
I want to ask a special guy to marry me! What cool symbols can I use? Anyone?
You shouldn't use anyone. Why not just go out and ask? This is not a right time to text him this. Serious.