Wide text tool, turn your text to fullwidth

When we team watch some YouTube or Youku video pages, we found that some fans liked to leave comments which like "this video rocks man", or "omg your are amazing", etc. It's really awesome, isn't it? And soon we realized that it is called "fullwidth" form. In CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) computing, graphic characters are traditionally classed into fullwidth (in Taiwan and Hong Kong: 全形; in CJK and Japanese: 全角) and halfwidth (in Taiwan and Hong Kong: 半形; in CJK and Japanese: 半角) characters. With fixed-width fonts, a halfwidth character occupies half the width of a fullwidth character, hence the name.

Based on this principle, we developed this wide text generator simply. When you input the normal halfwidth text in the textfield below, it will automatically turn to fullwidth by using fullwidth latin characters. This effect will surely make your text BOLD and Vivid.

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